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Do you ever feel like a hamster in a wheel?

Running around working all hours of the day, chained to your job, and no time for your loved ones?

I would love nothing more than to help you learn how to make more time, more money, and build the life you deserve!

Hi, I’m Anj, and I’m super excited to share my story with you!

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My story


University Graduation

I feel like I’ve had a very typical start to adult life – I graduated university with $50,000 in student loans, having earned little to no income the entire time I was in college, and with no graduate job lined up. 

Sound familiar? Yeah.  


First Job

The next six months was hard.

When I finally did get a job 6 months later, I did everything I could to be in a better financial position, so that I would not be caught in the same situation again. I read obsessively about financial freedom, budgeting, saving money and paying off debt.


In 4 years, I paid off $39,000 in student loans, saved enough for a home deposit in Sydney (not the cheapest of places to live), and have also bought a car with my savings. I am on track to pay off the remaining student loan amount this year!

To me, this has been 80% mindset and 20% numbers. The mindset of wanting to do more with my time, of knowing what my future goal was, and the discipline to say no to impulsive spending and maintain a strict budget. If you can get your mindset right, the rest will follow. 🙂


Things were going well. I was happily chugging along the corporate ladder when I had an epiphany one day: this was my one and only source of income. Which led to the questions:

  • What would happen if I lost my job? There would be absolutely no money coming in. 
  • And so, woah, was I tied to a job until I could retire?? YES.

This scared me so thoroughly, I knew I just had to do something to increase my income streams. I did not want to be tied to my job for the rest of my life, work till I was 70, and then retire and hopefully enjoy my life. Why wait until then when there is so little time left?

There has to be a way, I thought, to earn money a different way.

And so, this blog was born.


Where I Am Now

I created this blog to chronicle my journey to financial freedom through active and passive income streams, and to help those who are in the same boat as I was. I want to share legitimate money-making ideas and frugal living tips that I have picked up over the years.

It is very important for women have the ability to create our own income and manage our own money, and I want to help you learn more about how to make more money, pay off debt, budget and save more efficiently, achieve financial independence and create the kind of life you want to live.

What can you expect from this blog?

Help you save money so you can take control of your life and your money.

Legitimate income opportunities online that pay well and offer flexibility so you can quit a job you hate.

Help you budget efficiently so you can live the big life on a small budget.

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