Have you ever noticed how your grocery bill is increasing ever so slightly each month? 

Yep. You’re not alone.

Grocery prices are increasing each year. It’s therefore crucial that you find ways to save money on groceries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, families spent over $8,000 on food each year. Add this to the ever increasing grocery costs, and you’ll see why cutting your grocery bill is so important. 

If you think couponing is the only way to save money on groceries, I have news for you. While couponing can be beneficial, it costs money.

You can spend a lot of time going through several newspapers, searching for deals, only to find maybe one or two useful ones. 

So exactly how to save on groceries without coupons?

Trust me, there are better ways. I’ll show you exactly how to save money on groceries below.

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1. Plan Your Meals

The best way to save money on groceries and eat healthy, hands down, is to plan your meals.

Have you ever entered a grocery shop to pick up a few things only to find yourself at the checkout counter with a $75 bill?


It’s happened to the best of us. 

Don’t just wing it at the shops. Chances are, you’ll not only waste your money, you’ll also grab a lot of impulse purchases at full price. 

This is the simple truth: No meal plan = wasted money. 

To effectively save on groceries and still eat healthy, plan your meals for the week before you go shopping.

You might ask, “What if I don’t have time to plan meals??”

Fear not. You can get your hands on easy go-to recipes that are both delicious and healthy, where you can make several servings at once. 

Try the $5 Meal Plan

Five dollars a MONTH and you get a detailed meal plan for the entire week, including a shopping list and complete recipes! How amazing is that! An excellent meal plan that will allow you to cook multiple meals in an hour! 

You can be confident you will ONLY get the things you need for the week with the cheap and healthy meal plan. 

>> Start your 14 day meal plan here!

Alternatively, use my FREE meal planner printable below to help you plan out your shop! Simply sign up and receive exclusive access. 


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2. Shop Online

Another great way to save money on groceries is online shopping.

Shopping online for your groceries will save you both time and money. A lot of local supermarkets offer online shopping, with the options to Click & Collect or deliver to your home. 

It is so much easier to stick to your budget if you have a list in front of you of what you want to order.

And it’s much easier to say no to an impulse purchase online than it is if you’re standing right in front of it on an empty stomach! 

You can also save your trolley with your regular weekly purchases, thus making it a quicker process each time you shop. 

If you don’t have a local supermarket option available, you can always try a delivery service like HelloFresh or Home Chef. 

Save Money On Groceries With Meal Planning

Meal Plan: The best way to save money on groceries!

3. Buy In Bulk… And Get Paid To Do So

You’d be amazed at how you can get paid to shop

I mean, do I even have to say anything else?! 

Rakuten will pay you cash back when you shop online. And there are over 2000 stores to choose from including Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

Picture it now. Load up your shopping cart with all of your grocery essentials, checkout, and BAM, you get 10% cash back

So simple. 

Not nearly enough people take advantage of this super simple way to save money on groceries. You actually make money here. 

Are you excited yet? There’s even a free $10 Gift Card just for trying out the site! 

How do you redeem your free gift card from Rakuten? 

It’s very simple. I’ll show you exactly how. 

  1. Sign up to Rakuten here. You can use either your Facebook account or your email address.
  2. The next time you want to shop online, go to Rakuten and spend at least $25 within 90 days to redeem your free $10 gift card.
  3. Check your account. You will have a free $10 bonus.
  4. Redeem it for a gift card or CASH using THIS LINK.

4. Make Freezer Meals

Bulk prep your food and store it in the freezer for those days when you just don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. This is perfect to save on groceries and still eat healthy!

Instead of ordering in food, just whip out one of your pre-cooked meals from the freezer, and you will have a delicious dish ready in no time.

A perfect way to save money on groceries that doesn’t even take extra time. 

Make sure you have enough freezer bags and foil pans to correctly label your food in the freezer!

Confused about getting started with freezer meals? Sign up for this FREE WORKSHOP to learn all about prepping meals efficiently and storing them in the freezer

5. Buy Store Brands

These are also called generic, or home brand items. Most of the time, these are just as good as name-brand products. 

Often, the same companies and brands who make the higher priced ‘name-brand’ products have contracts with supermarkets to be the generic brand suppliers. 

This is therefore the perfect way to save money on groceries – you will get items for a fraction of the price, AND you might even get the same quality as a much more expensive item! 

 I always buy staple items like flour, bread, canned goods and medications in store brands. 

6. Eat Before You Shop

This is not a myth. 

In fact, this might be the most clever way to save money on groceries in this entire post.

There is so much research out there confirming that you are more likely to impulsively buy high-calorie fatty foods, like chips, candy or fast food, when you shop hungry.

And this impulse buying is exactly what we are trying to cut down.

So the next time you go grocery shopping, have a snack beforehand. You’ll avoid all those unhealthy temptations and learn how to save money on groceries at the same time!

7. Don’t Waste Food. Plan For Leftovers Instead

This is the golden rule that has really helped slash my grocery budget. Saving money on groceries means not wasting food! 

If you see any fruit or vegetables start to go bad, put them in a freezer bag and store in your freezer until you can use it.

This is perfect if you have bananas or berries – you can even use the frozen fruit for smoothies.

When making your meals, plan for portion sizes that allow you to have leftovers. This is such a nifty hack to stretch your grocery budget and save money on groceries.

You can easily eat the leftovers for lunch the next day or pack them into the freezer – you can heat it up on days you don’t feel like cooking.


To plan for leftovers and learn how to save money on groceries, you need to be effective at meal prepping and buying enough quantities of groceries to allow you to make multiple portion sizes.

>> Check out the $5 Meal Plan and Rakuten for bulk shopping if you haven’t already done so!

Slash Your Grocery Bill In Half: Avoid Prepackaged Snacks

Avoid packaged snacks. Homemade snacks are cheaper and healthier!

8. Avoid Packaged Snacks

This one is hard. The convenience of prepackaged snacks, protein bars and nut mixes is SO TEMPTING.

Especially when you have kids. 

But I always end up feeling like this is such a waste of money. Especially when you can buy a bulk bag of trail mix and just divide it into individual serving sizes yourself. 

I’m weird. I like very specific combinations in my nut mixes. So it has worked out better for me to buy these in bulk and mix and match exactly how I want it.

Try this yourself and see what a difference it makes in your grocery budget – you save on groceries and still eat healthy! 

Save Money On Groceries: Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to save money on groceries! All you have to do is pick the ones that work best for you. I hope this post has inspired you to save money on groceries the next time you shop! 

Once you start to save money on groceries, you’ll find there are other areas of your life you can apply these budgeting principles to. 

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Also, don’t forget about my FREE meal planner and Shopping List printable. These have been essential in helping me stay within my grocery budget each week. 

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How To Save Money On Groceries: Insane Hacks to Save Tons Of Money On Groceries.
Save Money On Groceries
How To Save Money On Groceries: Insane Hacks to Save Tons Of Money On Groceries.